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traditional black forest cuckoo clock
cuckoo clock Since cuckoo clocks were first built in the Black Forest, many generations have appreciated the cheery call of the cuckoo bird as it calls out the hour.  Children, especially, find it fascinating to see the trap door open and the cuckoo bird spring out.  After it cuckoos the hour, some clocks entertain their audiences with carved figures whirling to lively music.

Cuckoo clocks are decorative wood wall clocks that imitate the call of a cuckoo bird when striking the hours.  Sometimes known as Black Forest clocks, they were invented in 1738 by Franz Anton Ketterer, a native of Germany's Black Forest.  Early cuckoo clocks were fairly primitive, using wood plates and gears in their movements.  They were made as wall clocks rather than mantel clocks because most fireplaces in Germany had no mantels.

cuckoo clock face Cuckoo clocks are designed with carved wood cases, painted wood dials, gable roofs and rear flaps for access to their clock movements.  Most cuckoo clocks are weight driven and have 30-hour movements with an anchor escapement, a long pendulum, and pine cone shaped weights.  A cuckoo clock usually features a trap door above its clock face.  A painted wood cuckoo bird automaton emerges from behind the trap door when the clock strikes.  Some clocks feature small music boxes that play a melody every hour and half-hour.  More elaborate clocks may even perform an animation while the music box plays its tune.  In recent years, battery powered cuckoo clocks with quartz movements and electronically generated sounds have been developed. features convenient access to selected cuckoo clock manufacturers and suppliers where you can compare specifications and shop for a wide selection of handcrafted cuckoo clocks and accessories.

Cuckoo Clock Dealers and Manufacturers

  • Chateau d'Cuckoo
    Find an unusual selection of fine handcrafted cuckoo clocks, plus weather houses, miniature clocks, and music boxes.
  • Black Forest Cuckoo Clock Store
    Hones, Dold, and Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks, plus German gifts.
  • Frankenmuth Clock Company
    Offers a broad selection of cuckoo clocks, clock parts, and gift items.
  • Black Forest Shop
    Exquisite assortment of original handcrafted German cuckoo clocks.
  • Hubert Herr Clocks
    Importer and distributor of Hubert Herr cuckoo clocks.
  • Cuckoo Clockologist
    This Iowa-based cuckoo clock shop offers cuckoo clock repairs as well as new and reconditioned cuckoo clocks for sale.
cuckoo bird
Cuckoo Bird

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blue cuckoo bird and brown cuckoo clock
Cuckoo Bird and Cuckoo Clock